Executive Master of Insurance

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We are proud to present the new version of the Executive Master of Insurance. This program was initiated and developed in a unique cooperation between industry and academia. Originally introduced in 2007, it has consistently been updated since then. Our 2018 relaunch offers a number of exciting new topics and redesigned courses, addressing current needs of the industry. Also, we are increasing accessibility by entirely switching the program language to English.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Richter

    Academic Director, E.M. Insurance
    Director of the Munich Risk and Insurance Center

The Executive Master of Insurance (E.M. Insurance) is a business degree program for highly motivated young professionals, enabling them to obtain additional background, as well as to amplify and broaden existing knowledge. The core topics are insurance-related issues ranging from general economic and mathematical aspects to specific institutional matters, with an emphasis on today’s challenges in rapidly changing insurance markets.

If you are interested in the E.M. Insurance, these pages are a starting point to learn more about the program.